Creative Week UK

Adobe UK has been hard at work in the past few months to produce Creative Week which has been going on this week. Creative Week has been filled with tutorials, discussions and general fun about all the parts of the creative industry. Each section has gotten its own day.

Well, if you’ve missed it this week, now is the time to gear up and spend some time watching it because all of the recordings are available online (for free of course). You can watch it right here.

Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. LIVE!

It’s not often that I get to write that NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professional) is taking a tour to Europe. In this case, it is my pleasure to remind you that Scott Kelby is taking his awesome Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. LIVE! tour to Europe in August. He’ll be in Cologne, Germany on August 10 and Amsterdam, Netherlands on August 12. Guess what though, there are still seats left for you to come there! Last time I checked, flights are still available for OK prices as well as hotels in both cities from a variety of cities around Europe.

I will of course join at the Cologne event, going down there August 9-11 and am looking forward to seeing Scott here in Europe. If you are joining us in Cologne, I am very positive that you will get to see Calvin Hollywood and if you visit the Amsterdam event, Frank Doorhof should be around too!

See you in Cologne, or, if you can’t make it there, have fun in Amsterdam!

A few days ago my buddy Glyn Dewis tweeted a link to a story about the “first wedding ever to be shot entirely with the iPhone 4”. In the article, the photographers in question are quoted as following:

“We proved that the iPhone technology is advanced enough to handle an event like a wedding, and simple enough that it doesn’t take a lot of experience or extra equipment to shoot high-quality video and pictures,” said Adams. “The user still has to have some creativity and a good eye, but this gives them a great tool.”

At the end of the article, they pose the question: “Would you rather have a great photographer shoot your wedding with an iPhone 4, or a mediocre photographer shoot using professional gear?”

This has two questions popping up in my mind. Firstly, do you really have to do everything because you can and secondly, what is this even good for?

I’ll leave the first question more or less as a rhetorical question and tackle the latter one. I find it quite fascinating that the gear debate has come down to this. While this “experiment” might prove that the iPhone actually has a camera, does it say much more? Even if you could shoot a wedding with an iPhone 4 does not mean that it is even remotely a good tool for the job. All it is, is a tool for the job.

The concluding question in the article is questionable. It is not relevant to ask whether you would rather have a professional use an iPhone 4 or a “mediocre” photographer with professional gear. The statement implies that the only important role in photography is the compositions and not the actual image quality. Weddings in particular are difficult situations that require much of the camera gear.

In the end, I think the gear discussion has wound up properly off-track in this case. Just because you can shoot a wedding with an iPhone 4 does not mean it is even relevant to begin making the points that it is a good tool for the job. Something worth thinking about.

Fotografen och Photoshop

Visiting a local photo club, “Fotografiska Föreningen” (The Photographic Organization) in Gothenburg to speak about using Photoshop as a photographer (seminar name in Swedish, Fotografen och Photoshop) at one of their member meetings. If you are a member, you are welcome to come and if you are not, you are welcome to visit their website for information on how to join.

Do you want to have me at your event to present or speak? Contact me through Bernskiold Media. I look forward to coming to your event!


photokina - 21-26 September - Cologne, Germany

Photokina is the larger photography fair in the world, this year on September 21-26 in Cologne, Germany.