iPad 3G Running iOS 4.2 beta 1

Yesterday Apple pushed the first beta version of iOS 4.2 out to registered developers, giving you access to download it for both the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. As a developer I am pleased to be able to try out the beta and be able to try it out and make sure apps work well before launch with the additional benefit of being able to enjoy the new features earlier on.

After playing with the beta for a good solid day I do have some impressions of it. Before I get on with them I want to make a disclaimer here. I have no plans of going into great detail about any feature. If you want to see them demoed you want to check out Steve Jobs’ keynote from September 1. With that said, here it goes:

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There are some seriously cool things going on at the Googleplex in Mountain View, CA. Just in case anyone was doubtful of it, Google today released their brand new Instant Search feature that is beginning to roll out to users logged into Google Accounts today.

I put together a little short video that demos the search (shown above) and I also have a little link for you that you can visit if you don’t already have the slick instant search enabled already so go search using instant search now!

iPhone 4 Ordered

The iPhone 4 is now released here in Sweden (finally) and at the same minute of the release, I ordered mine online from my carrier. The estimated delivery date is on August 5th, a bit slow on delivery but still nice enough with no queuing and no pre-orders.

Come Thursday I will hopefully have the phone and let you know what I think.

If you are an iPhone 4 owner or if you, like me, are patiently awaiting its release in your country, you most likely did not miss that Apple held a press conference last night regarding the antenna issues. The whole press conference is available from Apple to watch if you are interested to watch it. They sadly did not include the Q&A with the media that was afterwards.

The Antenna Issues

Steve Jobs opened by again, stating that a very low number of customers are having the antenna issues, a move which can hardly be passed as surprising. On the contrary, based on Apple’s past history it was always more believable that the issues were going to be minimized as much as possible.

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When Apple first demoed iOS 4 back in March (then called iPhone OS 4) I was very excited to see Bluetooth Keyboard Support listed. This is one of these things that I have wanted for a long while on the iPhone, which would enable me to do more on the iPhone in terms of productivity and writing.

Why do I want this so badly?

It is a valid question, I give you that. While I want an iPad too and expect it to be that middle device for me that saves me bringing the computer, still getting a screen larger than the iPhone’s, being able to type on the iPhone with an external keyboard is packing it full with a brand new way for us to use it.

Being in school for most of the year, I do much writing. Some days, I do bring my laptop, when I know we will be doing writing in class that we are allowed to do on computers (school computers, although all Macs, are usually taken very quickly). If you have seen my bag that I bring, you would know that it is usually filled with books I need to bring weighing me down as it is already. In all honesty, the bag I have used for almost two years broke earlier this spring because of the weight all the time. Having an iPad, or the iPhone even, saves me a lot of weight just for being able to type into a computer.

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