Career Tools PodcastLinked off a forum I browse occasionally, FlyerTalk, was a link to a podcast episode about packing. I clicked and went to listen to the episode and found it pretty good. What I didn’t expect to find was a golden podcast called Career Tools. The podcast is hosted by Mark Horstman and Mike Auzenne who do an excellent job of sharing dos and don’ts in order to sharpen your career skills.

Seeing as the podcast is free, I suggest you go ahead and visit their website and listen to a few of the half-hour shows and see what you think.

Ever since I started my part-time job at the University of Gothenburg (at the Gothenburg Organ Art Center) I have been thinking about the subject of working at work. Before, I have always been working solely from home and not had a desk and office to sit at, until now that I do. This TED talk from Jason Fried, founder of 37 signals and co-author of Rework, touches on the topic and a thesis that Jason has: Why work doesn’t happen at work.

What are your thoughts? Do you work well at work?

Update to Facebook's new Business Pages

Since Facebook introduced their new Facebook profile page layout a few months ago (to the upset outcry of many), it has been just a matter of when they were going to update the pages as well. Since a few days ago, Page administrators have been able to preview their Facebook pages with the new design (which will be applied automatically in early March).

I typically go ahead and update when Facebook lets me because I know that I eventually will be updated anyway. I see no point in trying to put that day off as far as I can but instead go and try to make the most of the update. This was also the case with the new profiles.

Pages Are Social

The new pages do offer new features which are very lucrative in terms of communicating. First of all you can now browse Facebook as your page. This means that a page will act pretty much like a profile, everywhere else on Facebook which it previously couldn’t. With this you can leave a comment or like something as your page instead of as your personal profile.

Interacting as your page not only gives you the added advantage of better branding, but it is now easier to separate your page with your personal profile, should you want to. For many of my friends, this will be very helpful and should end the complaints about the new personal profiles being less business friendly since they now do not need to be.

As an additional feature, your fans will be able to see the connection between “You and *Page Name*”: How many friends you have in common, Pages you both like, etc. I think this could be a good addition to help build pages into an even better place to interact with fans/customers/potential customers.

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Unlimited Does Not Exist


Following the Mozy price increase last week, I began thinking about one of the areas that I have always tried to tell people researching web hosting providers about. It’s the same “issue” that we are always faced with. Nothing is ever unlimited.

Mozy have realized that it is an unviable business solution to offer unlimited amount of storage for as little as $4.95 a month. To that I would really like to say, well done. Finally it is proven that this actually is not viable to do. We are probably going to see more companies following the same path relatively shortly.

They also put it very well, why they are unable to keep up an unlimited plan. As they say, it is a minority of their users who “destroy” for the rest by using up a lot of space and transferring a lot of space. I would like to spin it around saying that these people do not “destroy” for the rest because a) the rest have no need for the “unlimited” and b) they are just using what they signed up for. Unlimited storage and transfer.

It’s the same deal in the hosting industry though I hope will take a beating some day too. Nothing is unlimited, there are just other limits being imposed to make sure you can never reach unlimited, if someone by all means should be going for it anyway.

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