Bye Bye Mozy!

MozyFor the past two years I have been using Mozy online backup and have been recommending it to both friends and family as a way that has been working great to keep a backup of your files online and offsite. Let me be clear from the start that I am still perfectly satisfied with the service that Mozy provides me. There is however one important change to Mozy that makes me say goodbye to their service.

As of recently, they have changed their pricing. I found out about this today through a tweet but have no real grasp of when this change actually happened. Being a customer, I would have thought that I would be one of the first to be informed of this new change (I did check my spam folder too), especially as I have a renewal coming up in just a couple of weeks.

Logging in now to my Mozy account it tells me the following:

Important Message from Mozy! // Your files are at risk of being deleted! You currently don't have a renewal plan. Choose a plan now.

Basically, Mozy has gone ahead and switched me off a renewal plan for my next due date (Feb 18) and not notified me of their pricing change. Had I not been aware of the change before logging in and not being a computer geek, I would probably have freaked out a bit over the message above. Further down the page it also tells me that I have a next charge coming up, which makes the top message even more confusing.

The reason why I am giving up Mozy in full is not because of the lack of communication (although that certainly did help). The main reason is their new pricing scheme. These past two years I have been paying $54.95 for unlimited backup. Now, you know as well as I do that nothing is unlimited. However, I have still been able to store the approximately 225GB of files I have uploaded without a hitch.

Today, the $5.99/month plan (which I have, paid annually) is getting capped to 50GB of storage while they are introducing a new plan at 125GB for $9.95 a month. Just getting that new plan would make my backup costs double. Still, the 125GB is not enough storage. I would have to add on additional 20GB of space for $2/month. This would make the yearly cost roughly $240 instead of $55. Quite a big increase.

What am I going to do?

Luckily I know of more companies that have great reputation for online backup that are keeping their unlimited plans for around $55. This at least for the time being, although I foresee a possible change coming up here too.

The first company I am looking at right now is Carbonite which I have heard many good stories about, while the second one I have in mind is Backblaze of which I have also heard good stories.

UPDATE: Last night I did get an email outlining the new pricing. I still think it should have been sent to current customers before changing the website however.


Strange, my account displays the following message:

“Important Message from Mozy!
The Unlimited subscription plan is no longer available. Your plan will be automatically renewed to one which supports your current usage needs.”

This may be since my account is set to auto renew on April 11th. I tried looking for a way to turn off the auto renewal, but it appears that this isn’t possible. $155/year is just a little too steep for me..

I would have expected mine to say something similar, but it doesn’t. It seems also that it is either auto renew or cancel. Go figure…

Erik, I got an email this morning advising me of the new pricing structure. Thankfully I’ve got a year+ left on my existing 2yr contract expires but with the new pricing structure I won’t be renewing with them. So come next June I’ll be going with another supplier.
Actually thinking about it I’ll set up another supplier a month or so before, just so that I maintain an online back-up without any downtime and fear of loss of information! :-)

Yeah, I did too. Mine is up for renewal in about 10 days and I have started to look at which service I’m going to use. Right now it is looking like Backblaze is the winner.

Erik, I too am leaving Mozy. Why specifically did you select Backblaze over Carbonite? I already started a trail with Carbonite, but I am willing to switch if there is a compelling reason. Thanks.

So far I haven’t made a final decision but according to reviews, the Backblaze Mac app gets better critique. Far better.

FYI – I too have not made a final decision regarding the switch. I also did not select an auto renew plan. I have a local backup and was willing to risk their dumping my files.

Surprisingly today (2/13/2011, well past the date of announcement of the price change) I got an auto renew e-mail to the same old Unlimited plan for $4.95/mo, here’s the message:

Thank you for using MozyHome!

Your credit card ending in XXXX was billed $4.95 today for a monthly subscription to Mozy Unlimited.

We appreciate your business.

– The MozyHome Team

Moral of the story, for now it appears no renewal selected will renew unlimited at the old price. I think I’ll do more research now that I have another month. I’m guessing either Mozy missed that auto renew or they don’t want to risk deleting all of someones files with only a week or so notice. They’ve risked their reputation enough already, they’ve decimated any further customer referrals, do they dare delete files, who knows.

Chris, the website says the following for me:

The Unlimited subscription plan is no longer available. To continue backing up, we will renew you on a monthly plan until 03/18/11. To continue backing up after that date, you need to choose a renewal plan.

You seriously should look at CrashPlan.
I’ve been using them for a few years and love them.
Unlimited plan is $49.95/year and I’ve yet to see a cap.

You can also do backups to local disks and other local computers. It really rocks.
Works in the background without interfering with work at all.

I’ve never heard about them. How is their software for the online backup? I already have a good local backup strategy with one clone copy and one time machine copy just for normal drives.

Software works really great.
It works in the background, you can set how much resources/bandwidth you’ll allow it.
It has folder filtering (choose what folders to backup/not back up)
You can filter out files by extension, or by a grep pattern. Really powerful.

I can’t really say I can find a bad word about them.

I previously worked with a large company (world wide, 7500ppl) who used Connected Backup, they threw that out and changed to Crash Plan. CP worked. Nothing more, nothing less.

I’ve also had the opportunity to try the restore feature, and that also works to my satisfaction.

They’ve solved problem with large initial backups by allowing you to order a drive that you back up to locally, send it to them and they upload it to your account and you can start backing up online after that. Eliminating the fun in sending 250gb of data over the internet…

Try it, it’s free to try :)

thanks for tip, mattias. I’m giving CrashPlan a shot over backblaze, carbonite, and of course my current provider, mozy. However, I only have three days left on my mozy subscription, so I will probably still purchase a month (if i can, i haven’t looked a that yet). It’s really unfortunate and lame that mozy would do this switch to non-unlimited services. I think that even had they raised their prices but kept the unlimited plan I would not have been so apt to change. I understand storage costs money, but how can you go from unlimited to a cap? I feel like it should be the other way around.