Upgrade to the website!

I’ve been wanting to upgrade this site for quite some time now and when I decided to add a blog as well, there was really no turning back of the fact that I wanted to have more things than it was originally made for! I suppose you could say: Welcome to the new website!

What is on here?

You might be asking what is special here and what is going to be on this site, in contrast to all the other sites that I run? I find that to be a perfect question. On this site I want to post the general blog posts about things I encounter in the daily work that is longer than just a tweet but isn’t really material for an educative article over on Bernskiold Media.

I’ll post my latest photography, talk about shoots, talk about trips and of course some work related things as well, leaving the direct educative behind and writing about that over at Bernskiold Media. I can promise though that this won’t be a wasted space or wasted reading just because it isn’t educational. If you are interested in photography, design and computers, you’ll still find this a good read I think!

The other day I upgraded my MacBook Pro to 4 GB of RAM, an upgrade I would recommend everyone who has got one running on 2gb. It feels so much faster, especially when using the suite and doing some video editing. Lovely!!

Today, I sant to take an opportunity to wish Nancy Mass√© aka. @NAPP_News om Twitter. If you don’t know her, she is √† talented social media ninja and copywriter by profession and just all around great person.


If you’ve followed this link from Twitter (which you probably will have if you read this) you’ll be here at my personal website where alongside just a bit of info about myself, this little blog can be found. I’ve integrated parts of the P2 theme into the blog part (WordPress) to gain a little more easy-going feel. I’ll post the little stuff that I find that don’t warrant a full post on my other, topic-specific sites, but are more than just a little Tweet!