Broke Computer

This Friday I had to make an unfortunate trip. The trip went to my local Apple retailer and was to hand in my trusty MacBook Pro for repair of the graphics card. See, I have been getting some funny stripes just lately.

The guy there said the usual turnaround is 2-3 days, although with it being summer, it could take up to two weeks!! Let us NOT hope for the latter shall we!

The worst about this is that it hinders a lot of my work, especially with podcasts, which I can’t just record from another Mac that is booted onto my clone copy drive (more about that later)

Here is some photos of the screen.

Back From Vacation

Panorama: Over Karlskrona

I just returned home after a little vacation away in a smaller city called Karlskrona here in Sweden, at the south-eastern coast. I had a generally great time with great weather. Not much more to it. I didn’t get to shoot as much as I thought I would and in the end, scrapped the idea of shooting much at all. I did get to shoot this panorama on my iPhone, stitched together using the great AutoStitch application. Incredible applications available on the iPhone for photographers.

On the note of the iPhone, I’m really happy to be able to soon get the iPhone 3GS. It is being released here in Sweden tomorrow (read this night) and I have had mine pre-ordered for a while and will get it shipped within 1-3 weeks after tomorrow (hopefully one week…). Telia Sonera (the carrier I’m with) simply made a pretty good deal to switch to the 3GS from the 3G.

I’ve recently switched my stats counting over to Google Analytics instead of just using StatPress, a Plugin for WordPress.

Google Analytics has just about everything you need in terms of statisics and some more as well.

A great benefit with using GA instead of the WordPress plugin is the wide range of iPhone apps that allows you to get access to your stats right on your phone. These apps usually use the GA system and display the stats in a nice iPhone friendly format.

So far, I’m using an app called Analytics App, a paid app that lets you view your stats from anywhere. I’ve yet to use it to the point where I feel that I can give a fair review though!

Back At Home

Apartment Photography

I’ve been gone for the past week in a little village on the west-coast of Sweden, enjoying the nature and relaxing a bit as well as shooting. The sunset photo below was from there as well. I’ve also got a nice little story to share regarding some photography.

Apartment Photography

I was staying in a newly built apartment which was just all awesome. The view from the balcony was superb and well… everything about it was super. What I did, being a photographer, was to check the renting company’s website if they had any photographs of the apartment—which they didn’t!

I was still going to take some photos of the house, mainly because it is a) fun and b) a good experience and practice. I also thought about sending them a link to an album on my photography website with the photographs, which I did. I think not more than an hour after I had sent the link, I got a reply asking how much five or ten of these would cost to buy, to have on the website!

I rarely ever sell any photography, so this is just a big bonus! I’m just now figuring out the price and going to mail them back with it so that they have it on Monday, with the hopes of selling ten! The photo at the top of this post, is from this shoot!

The Sunset That Almost Never Was

The photo above is from a sunset shoot yesterday evening. Sunsets can be ruined for seemingly no reason sometimes. In order to get the great colors in the sky, a series of events must happen. The best being that it has just been raining heavily and that the heavy, thick rain clouds are just clearing out. You’ll then get to the the most wonderful cloud structures, in amazing color. Sadly, this doesn’t happen that many times out of the ones you choose to jump on so sometimes you just need to do the best of the situation.

Here I thought that we’d get a good situation but I was wrong. The clouds that the sun set into were either a bit too dense or a bit to high above the horizon for it to really happen. But there was at least a little bit of good, red, sky!