I finally got the Snow Leopard upgrade yesterday and have installed it on my mums MacBook (because guess what, mine had to go in again for new problems—should get it back very soon again). It runs very smoothly and everything seems a lot snappier.

I’m looking forward to getting mine back again and taking a deep down into the services menu, automating a lot of my processes that I frequently do.

Computer Coming Back Soon!

Upon calling the store here that does the repair, they finally gave me the good news I wanted (but almost didn’t think would be). The computer was examined Tuesday, parts ordered Tuesday (new logic board), parts received Wednesday and the mounting would be either today or tomorrow, which is when I should have my computer!

Snow Leopard on my own computer tomorrow seems to be the plan now again! I’m a happy puppy again!

Update: Well, that didn’t happen! Computer delayed, the logic board didn’t fix it apparently (I should have guessed since I had trouble with both graphics card) and they are waiting on another part (graphics card probably). Now goal seems to be next week. Dare I get my hopes up?

Snow Leopard was also fully sold out here in my city. Have to wait for Apple Online Store to restock now.

Still no computer…

This sucks big time. My computer is still in for repairs. When I called to ask about the status of it two days ago, they said it still hadn’t been looked at and probably would be ready in next week. Today marks two weeks that I haven’t had it, which would be the maximum amount of time before I was to get it back, at least that was what they said.

Why this bums me so much, is that it is so much harder to get any real work done on a computer that is booted to an external drive. It is just slow! That also means that I can’t record any podcasts, which will make this the third week without an appthrough on the MacAppZone website and also halted the plans for the Creatively Using the Creative Suite podcast. Major bummer in terms of viewership!

If you’ve ever wanted a good insight into what my days look like when you heard the amount of things I try to balance, now you can.

I’ve posted up an article on Bernskiold Media today where I talk about my days and experiences in managing school and freelancing.

Sunday Service

After a full week of the Göteborg International Organ Academy, I’m soo tired. It’s been just about 12 hour days for a week, and now I have a few days off before school starts again. How fun.

Still nothing in regards to my computer. It sucks big time as I can’t record any podcasts before I get it back. Let’s hope for this week!

(photo below from todays church service that I played)