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I help companies find leverage using technology and digital tools to enhance their operation and marketing.

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I write about topics that lie close to my heart, such as digital marketing, business, productivity and entrepreneurship.

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Blog. My thoughts and musings.

  • On How Everything I Knew About Life Turned Out Wrong

    I will confess to lying a bit in the title today right now. Everything I knew isn’t wrong. But before you dismiss this as another clickbait article, hear me out. I think. A lot. For most situations I have imagined plenty of possible (and impossible…) scenarios. After gaining a...

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  • On Stable and Innovative Business Models

    Last week, I got an email from my buddy Sebastian who heads the Goethe Unibator at the Goethe-Universität in Frankfurt where I’m an advisor. He asked for some help in judging the companies who entered for the Goethe Innovation Prize to be awarded on September 6th. Sitting down reviewing...

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  • On Preserving Client Data and System Security

    Last week, I was helping a client structure their new project who will have a few involved parties. Who these are is irrelevant. I’m not trying to point fingers at anyone. What I realized when doing this, is how many agencies are being far too careless with client data....

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  • On The Little Things in Business That Impress

    As I’m writing this, I just came off a call with a client where we discussed a proposal to help them with some social media marketing. Opening the proposal, the client instantly remarked on how nice it looked, and how incredibly well that online proposal looked. He wasn’t the...

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  • On Answering the Phone Selectively

    There seems to be a bit of a cultural divide when it comes to the phone, and I’m prepared to be called out as a “young person” writing this. My philosophy is you see, that you don’t always have to answer. There is something fundamentally off about calling people....

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  • On Questioning Startup Business Models

    It’s funny. Startups seem to have become such a holy grail that they are almost immune to critique. No day goes by without me seeing articles touting this next startup that have raised X amount of money for some service. In a majority of these cases, a number of...

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