Bye, bye Google Apps

Microsoft Office 365

For several months, I have been thinking about the alternatives to using Google Apps for my main company email as I haven’t really been fully happy with its reliability, especially in terms of the Calendar. Yesterday, I decided to take the plunge and change over to the alternative that I have been thinking about for quite some time: Exchange through Office 365.

I know what some of you are thinking, a Microsoft product? Yes. In all fairness, I quite like Exchange as a very reliable office system. There’s just no denying that they do know what they are doing in that field. Now, obviously it is not going to be perfect either, but I have high hopes of it satisfying my needs.

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Webinar: Integrating a Lightroom Gallery with your WordPress Website

A while ago (read: a year or so ago), I did a free webinar on how to integrate a Lightroom gallery into a page on a WordPress website. This used to live over on the Bernskiold Media website, but since we took that down for refurbishment, it has been offline. As I am getting some questions on where and how to find it, I thought I would post it up on YouTube and post it here.

Enjoy the webinar!


Happy New Year!


It has passed midnight here in Sweden, which means I would like to wish each and everyone of you a very Happy New Year! I am very excited about the new year and what is lined up and possibly even more excited about everything that is bound to happen that I have no clue about yet. May your year be prosperous and joyful!


Finally Launched New Swedish Website for XLD Studios


During almost all the time that I have been running XLD Studios, I have only had an english website for the company, something I have wanted to change for much of this year. Earlier this summer, everything was almost complete, but for a decision on how to do with the translation, did I want to use a translation plugin or install it on a separate server? The choice now fell on the separate server (for better response times when loading) and I am proud to say that the site is finally live.

The looks and pages are all identical to the english version, so if you don’t understand swedish, you’re not missing a whole lot, however the blog contents will be differ as most likely, posts will not be immediately translated or doubled.

Head over and see the new site »

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