Instacode Makes Code Look Beautiful


It’s always hard to make graphical thumbnails when all you have is code. Thanks for Instacode, this is much easier. Just paste the code in the box, apply some effects and in no time, you have a pretty looking code thumbnail.

Couldn’t be easier and is in fact very useful!


Why I Chose Basecamp for Project Management

Basecamp - Project Management System

Earlier this year I searched high and low for a project management system that would be my best friend and work well for me. I used to keep everything in OmniFocus which I use for my own tasks, but this failed miserably on projects where you are collaborating with other people. After having gone through countless of different options I settled on seriously trying Basecamp.

How did this work out? Well, it’s now several months after and it is still the tool that we use at XLD Studios. I’ll be the first to admit that Basecamp doesn’t have all of the options and features that I would like it to. But, and there is a big but, its clean layout and user friendliness is something I haven’t found so far in any other system.

You see, the kicker is that I can just invite co-workers and freelancers who will start using it without any problems. Even more importantly, I can do the same with clients. Invite them, let them follow along. Even though most will never use it themselves, they all fall in love with its looks and how easy it is for them to get an overview. Need I say that this makes for great bonus points in the client-company relationship?

The reason I’m writing this blog post at all is that many ask me which project management system I use for projects, and some are really surprised when I say Basecamp. Looks and UI can go a long way in my world.

Note: I don’t get any kickback from 37Signals at all. I’m just a happy user. Not even an affiliate link is in this post.


Getting Back To Recording

A few years ago, the volume of training videos that I created was pretty high. Over the past year and a half, that volume has drastically gone down as I have concentrated my efforts on my business more than before, and now in the last six months also on University.

Every day I sit down at my desk in my office, I am reminded about how much I miss recording tutorials and doing training material (you see, my mic and boom is still attached to the desk). This is why, I am most delighted to say that I am slowly getting myself back into doing more videos, specifically for a new website that will be launching this spring.

The website will be Swedish only (sorry guys) and focus on WordPress. That’s all I am going to say for now. Oh, I’m sure I’ll get some more english videos done too once I get up and running again.


Don’t Expect Everyone to Do Everything For You

Recently I have found myself complaining loudly (mostly on Twitter, but also cryptically on Facebook) that some people seem to expect that others do everything for them and that this way, they will still be as good as if they did it themselves.

Particularly in the world of school, I am finding more so now than ever before in my previous experiences, that people are lazier and more uninterested. Frankly, that astounds me. This is University and you are supposed to be studying a subject that you are truly interested in.

What surprises me even more is that the same people who a) are incapable of finding out the simplest piece of information about what is happening or coming up, b) find it impossible to keep track of deadlines and assignments and are constantly surprised to find that something is due tomorrow and c) seem utterly uninterested in the subject as a whole; are people with major goals in their lives and desires to reach senior positions.

My experience tells me that regardless of what you are talking about, be it studying, finding a job or doing your job— expecting someone else to do things for you is a sure way of not getting anywhere and failing miserably. Either way, compared to the minimal effort of being in control (which can reap tremendous benefits), it is not the path I would advise anyone to go down.

Ultimately, you create your own opportunities and the quicker you wake up from that dream, the quicker you can start creating some opportunities for yourself. Don’t for a second think however, that you become CEO of a company and not know what is going on.

End of rant.

Business / General

Bye, bye Google Apps

Microsoft Office 365

For several months, I have been thinking about the alternatives to using Google Apps for my main company email as I haven’t really been fully happy with its reliability, especially in terms of the Calendar. Yesterday, I decided to take the plunge and change over to the alternative that I have been thinking about for quite some time: Exchange through Office 365.

I know what some of you are thinking, a Microsoft product? Yes. In all fairness, I quite like Exchange as a very reliable office system. There’s just no denying that they do know what they are doing in that field. Now, obviously it is not going to be perfect either, but I have high hopes of it satisfying my needs.

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