Check Out the Recordings from Creative Week UK

Creative Week UK

Adobe UK has been hard at work in the past few months to produce Creative Week which has been going on this week. Creative Week has been filled with tutorials, discussions and general fun about all the parts of the creative industry. Each section has gotten its own day.

Well, if you’ve missed it this week, now is the time to gear up and spend some time watching it because all of the recordings are available online (for free of course). You can watch it right here.


Presenting at D2WC, Looking Good: Mobile WordPress


This week I’m over in the states, specifically in Kansas City for the D2WC conference. This morning I had my talk, Looking Good: Mobile WordPress where I talked about the different techniques of making WordPress look good on mobile devices. I also addressed some of the challenges we run into when trying to adapt a responsive design philosophy into WordPress development.

If you weren’t there and want to get access to the sessions, they should be available soon and I will let you know when. Until then, my slides and resources from my session is up on a special page, right here.

Master Collection Giveaway… Using Rock-Paper-Scissors

One night, Ben Forta told us a story about how they do giveaways in Japan. They simple play Rock-Paper-Scissors. Needless to say I was excited to try this and so was my fellow speaker James Polanco. At the end of the wrap-up and giveaways, his own giveaway spurred us all to want to give away one of the two Master Collections using what shall henceforth be known as the “Rock-Paper-Scissors method”.

I shot a video of the giveaway on my iPhone and here it is:


iStockPhoto Panel for Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator

Just saw today that iStockPhoto has come out with a new panel for Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator that lets you browse their stock collection right from within the apps themselves as a panel. You need to have CS5 or above and of course be using iStockPhoto for this. The panel is a free download though from the iStockPhoto website.

Check it out, it’s pretty cool and neat!


Adobe CS6 Launch Tour Comes to Stockholm


I’m writing this post from the train heading through the lovely countryside on my way back home to Gothenburg from Stockholm where I’ve been today to catch up with my friends Terry White, Jason Levine and Paul Trani as they show the new Creative Suite 6 and Creative Cloud.

It’s been a fun day and I wish I could stay a bit longer, but alas, duty calls! A shout out to Mariah and Johan at Adobe Nordic too for making the day as lovely as it was.

Don’t miss their other tour stops throughout this and next month. Thanks to Terry for the photo!