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I help companies find leverage using technology and digital tools to enhance their operation and marketing.

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I write about topics that lie close to my heart, such as digital marketing, business, productivity and entrepreneurship.

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Blog. My thoughts and musings.

  • On Journaling

    Recently I set out to strengthen a few habits in my day/week. All of these are to improve my health in various aspects. Amongst others, they include working out, reading daily in the evenings and journaling. Journaling, I hear you ask. Yes indeed. What is often associated with teenage...

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  • On Projecting Certainty and Confidence

    A few weeks back I wrote a post on being strong and alone, which many of you related to and appreciated. Today, I want to address the topic of projecting confidence which is closely related. Confidence fascinates me for many reasons, especially because you can fake it, and projecting...

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  • On Happy Business Relationships

    Every once in a while, a business relationship goes sour. It sucks, but it happens. As usual, it’s probably nobody’s fault specifically, but a combination of things that over time doesn’t work—and no party is working hard enough to try and make it work. A few times in my...

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  • On the Most Powerful Technique for Efficient Meetings

    Given my line of work, I am in a lot of meetings. It might just be that meetings are the thing of the century to hate and want to dispense with. I disagree. At least I partly disagree. I love meetings! I like meeting people, because talking to talented...

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  • On Whining, And Why It’s Good

    I recently finished listening to the audiobook version of Mark Cuban’s “How to Win at the Sport of Business” last week and in it he articulates a philosophy that I have, in a very neat way. Whining is so much better than not whining. I’ve been thinking on an...

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  • On Teambuilding through Eating

    It somehow feels suitable to talk about eating just after Christmas and in the middle of the holidays, when we tend to eat…a lot! A couple of weeks ago I read an article in the fantastic Harvard Business Review (HBR) on why the best team building happens while sharing...

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