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I help companies find leverage using technology and digital tools to enhance their operation and marketing.

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I write about topics that lie close to my heart, such as digital marketing, business, productivity and entrepreneurship.

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Blog. My thoughts and musings.

  • On Answering the Phone Selectively

    There seems to be a bit of a cultural divide when it comes to the phone, and I’m prepared to be called out as a “young person” writing this. My philosophy is you see, that you don’t always have to answer. There is something fundamentally off about calling people....

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  • On Questioning Startup Business Models

    It’s funny. Startups seem to have become such a holy grail that they are almost immune to critique. No day goes by without me seeing articles touting this next startup that have raised X amount of money for some service. In a majority of these cases, a number of...

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  • On Why I Run a Business

    Recently it has dawned on me exactly why I decided to found my own company and run my business instead of just getting another job. What struck me, is that it really boils down to one critical thing. I believe in changing the world. It may sound pretentious, but it...

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  • On Our Life’s Problems

    It happens increasingly often these days. I see, and read, an article where someone astutely writes about their problems. Be it depression, never feeling as though they fit in, illnesses, loneliness, relationship struggles… the list can be made long. As someone who have had his fair share of things...

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  • On Reaching Your Goals Faster By Writing Them Down

    Did you make any new years resolutions this year? Many people have already given up on theirs. Partly because they forget them in the daily buzz, and partly because we give up too easily. Most new years resolutions are about building a habit. If you don’t allow yourself to...

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  • On Journaling

    Recently I set out to strengthen a few habits in my day/week. All of these are to improve my health in various aspects. Amongst others, they include working out, reading daily in the evenings and journaling. Journaling, I hear you ask. Yes indeed. What is often associated with teenage...

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